[ANN] spock-global-unroll - no more @Unroll annotation in your tests (*)

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[ANN] spock-global-unroll - no more @Unroll annotation in your tests (*)

Marcin Zajączkowski

I would like to inform you that spock-global-unroll 0.5.0 has been
released. The extension enables unrolling parameterized tests in the
whole project (with resolving #placeHolders in a method name). This is a
global extension, so the only required thing is to put the JAR on a

(*) - @Unroll should not be needed anymore to just enable unrolling
parameterized tests, but still can be used to provide additional test
description for BDD reports.

More information can be found on the project webpage:

Feel free to provide any feedback here or directly to me.


http://blog.solidsoft.info/ - Working code is not enough

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