Spock Framework 0.4 released

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Spock Framework 0.4 released

Peter Niederwieser
Dear Spock users,

I'm very happy to announce the release of Spock 0.4. Highlights of this release:

The 0.4 release comes in two flavors: 0.4-groovy-1.6 for use with Groovy 1.6/Grails 1.2, and 0.4-groovy-1.7 for use with Groovy 1.7/Grails 1.3. All artifacts are available from Maven Central.    

Apart from Spock Web Console, the easiest way to get started with this release is to download the spock-example project, which comes with ready-to-go Ant, Maven, and Gradle builds (see readme).    

Over the coming days, the Spock blog will offer an in-depth look at several of the new features in Spock 0.4. Don't miss this!

Last but not least, let me express my thanks to all our supporters inside and outside the Groovy community.

Happy spec'ing!

Peter Niederwieser
Twitter: pniederw

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